Mankind Pharma Partners with AstraZeneca for Exclusive Distribution of Symbicort in India

Mankind Pharma Partners with AstraZeneca for Exclusive Distribution of Symbicort in India



In a significant development for healthcare in India, Mankind Pharma has forged an exclusive partnership with global pharmaceutical leader AstraZeneca for the distribution of its renowned anti-asthma drug Symbicort. This collaboration marks a pivotal step towards addressing the critical needs of asthma patients in India, emphasizing the commitment of both companies to improve respiratory care and healthcare accessibility across the nation.

Mankind Pharma, recognized as the fourth largest entity within the Indian branded formulations market, brings to this alliance its extensive distribution network and robust field force. These strengths are poised to significantly enhance the availability of Symbicort to a broader audience, including both urban and rural sectors of India. It is a move that aims to combat the growing concern of asthma, a condition that claims 13% of the global asthma burden and an alarming 43% of global asthma-related fatalities within the Indian populace.

Symbicort, a pharmaceutical innovation by AstraZeneca, combines budesonide and formoterol fumarate dihydrate into a potent treatment for asthma. This combination drug has proven its effectiveness and reliability globally, with a remarkable sales figure of around $2.4 billion in 2023 alone. It stands as one of AstraZeneca's flagship products, underpinning the company's commitment to advancing respiratory health worldwide.

The partnership between Mankind Pharma and AstraZeneca is not just a business transaction but a shared vision to transform asthma care in India. AstraZeneca, while retaining the intellectual property rights and continuing as the marketing authorisation holder (MAH) as well as the import license holder for Symbicort, entrusts Mankind Pharma with the strategic distribution responsibilities. This synergy is expected to unlock new avenues for accessing advanced asthma care, particularly via the innovative delivery system of the turbuhaler, tailored to enhance patient experience and treatment outcomes.

The escalating burden of asthma in India presents a formidable challenge, not just in terms of health but also economic implications. Asthma management, especially in resource-constrained settings, requires not just effective treatments but also innovative approaches to healthcare delivery. Through this partnership, Mankind Pharma and AstraZeneca are poised to address these challenges head-on. They aim to deploy their collective expertise and resources to ensure that Symbicort reaches every corner of India, promising a new dawn in the fight against asthma.

Indeed, this collaboration between two titans of the pharmaceutical industry is a beacon of hope for millions of asthma patients in India. It embodies the potential of partnerships in driving healthcare access and innovation, particularly in areas of critical need. As Mankind Pharma extends its reach and brings Symbicort to new markets within India, it is not just distributing a drug but disseminating hope and the promise of a healthier tomorrow for asthma patients across the nation.

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